Refinement of genuine makeup Emile Chouriet replica watches

Emile Chouriet replica watches is one of the oldest watch brands. Lugs, straps connected part of the slightly curved curved design.

I have always had a weakness for moon phase Emile Chouriet replica watches. Despite its apparent uselessness, this classic complication is highly appreciated by watchmakers and customers. Why ? Because it gives a timepiece an added aesthetic appeal and instills a dose of poetry essential in life.

I discovered Emile Chouriet’s La Voie Milk model on the Instagram account of a sister and the coup de coeur was immediate. On its dial are staged the starry sky and the moon. A first disc of sapphire crystal on which the nocturnal sky and its stars are obtained by metallization carries the pearly disc of the moon over the days. The lunar cycle rotates 12 ° in 24 hours to complete its race under the circular logo of Emile Chouriet in 29.5 days.

The index and logo are displayed on a second sapphire crystal disc like an invisible veil. The play of these two superposed discs offers a beautiful effect of depth. An aspect reinforced by the stars of different sizes dispersed on the dial blue color … night of course.

Milky Way

The universe and its mysteries have always fascinated men all over the world, and I must admit that I am no exception. By reading the time on the Milky Way, the impression of looking up to the infinity of the cosmos is real. The display – fine needles and Roman numerals at 12 o’clock, 6 o’clock and 9 o’clock – is minimalist, particularly highlighting the starry sky and the mother-of-pearl moon. A refined aesthetic that will delight Emile Chouriet replica watches enthusiasts with timeless sobriety, whether feminine or masculine.

I like timepieces with diameters ranging from 38 to 42 mm, sizes often considered large for a woman. With its 42.2 mm and wing-shaped horns specially redesigned for this model (a distinctive attribute of Emile Chouriet watches), the Milky Way perfectly fits my wrist and is pleasant to wear. Only flat, the bracelet slightly too big, the version for woman is available only on request. I would also have preferred a dark blue bracelet, more trendy and younger, instead of the black that dresses the Emile Chouriet replica watches.

Milky Way

In recent years, Jean Depéry, founder of Emile Chouriet, has developed a manufacturing caliber, opening new horizons for the brand. Unfortunately the latter does not equip the Milky Way, which beats to the rhythm of the self-winding movement EC7308 visible through the sapphire back of the Emile Chouriet replica watches.

The Milky Way collection is made up of another model with a cosmic face, Zodiac, on which the twelve signs of the Zodiac appear, as the name suggests.